Vanity or Sanity: om at udgive uafhængigt af andre

Howard Male har skrevet en god selvkritisk artikel om at være uafhængig udgiver. I England bruges termen “vanity publishing” åbenbart om at udgive sig selv.

Der er flere pointer, men jeg vil gerne fremhæve disse to passager – først om stemplingen:

However, let’s go back a step and consider that word ‘vanity’ for a moment, because it still seems to be lingering like a bad smell. Artists working in other mediums have never had to put up with the word ‘vanity’ being spot-welded to their endeavours. In the late 1970s, when punk bands put out their own music on their own labels, it wasn’t called vanity record releasing. In fact it was seen as heroic to put two-fingers up to the major labels with two-minutes of two-chord rudimentary rock in a Xeroxed picture sleeve. Likewise, no one whispers behind the backs of independent film directors about their vanity films. Often such films generated more kudos than major studio releases. Only the poor writer, hunched over his or her laptop, has to tolerate snobbery, condescension and snootiness for the unforgivable crime of trying to get their voice heard. While I’m on this particular high horse, the label ‘Self Publishing’ isn’t actually much better. There’s still that faint whiff of self-aggrandisement about the term when in reality it simply represents self-sufficiency. A more dignified and realistic label might be ‘Necessity Publishing’ or just good old ‘Independent Publishing’.

og så et citat om word of mouth, så der er lidt balance i regnskabet:

But on the plus side, a couple of weeks ago I was thrilled beyond words (in fact I barely slept for a couple of nights) to hear from legendary record producer Tony Visconti that he loved my book. Yet here again there was disconcerting evidence that the power of social networking as the key to success might be somewhat exaggerated. After Visconti had broadcast his opinion to some 5000 Facebook friends (“I highly recommend this excellent novel. Very few novelists get it right when they use Rock as the context for a novel. Howard Male got it right. I have just started reading it for the second time.”), sales shot up by a dismal six copies (perhaps more on Kindle but I don’t have the figures). This begs the question – what the fuck does it take?

Og de næst-bedste reflektioner kan I selv læse i The Quietus:

Udgivet af


Født 1978. Bor i København V, Danmark.

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